Gender Bias Kills Child?


By: Mace H. Greenfield

In or about September 2003, I read about a Long Island Father, Brian Ramirez, suing the Nassau County Child Protective Services (CPS) for failing to protect his daughter. One year after his ex-wife ran off with their daughter, Mr. Ramirez reported to CPS the whereabouts of his missing ex-wife, that she smoked marijuana, that she suffered from mental illness, and was a danger to their child. He also went to Family Court seeking assistance. CPS investigated Mr. Ramirez instead for allegedly disappearing (he is a conductor with the LIRR), and the Family Court gave him a Court date two months off in the future. The night before the Court date, the mother murdered their daughter and then committed suicide. In the article, Mr. Ramirez said that: “he was the victim of gender discrimination – because he is a man and the system favors women.” Read more