Fathers’ Rights in New York

Understanding fathers’ rights is the foundation of my practice because I have lived the process having been a dad who went through a custody battle before I became an attorney. I have also seen the topic evolve over the past 20 years or so in both the legal arena and in people’s minds. Many of the initial inquiries I receive from men who are contemplating divorce revolve around this singular issue. What seems to be the biggest fear of fathers? That they will be cut out of their children’s lives, which often leads men to stay in untenable situations instead of seeking a resolution that ultimately benefits all parties involved. Read more

Dividing Assets in a New York Divorce

When dividing assets in a New York divorce, it is important to remember that “Equitable” distribution doesn’t necessarily mean “equal” distribution.

One of the principal fears my clients have at the start of a divorce is losing half of his or her assets. Because financial issues can be a driver of marital stress it seems almost unfathomable to people that they might have to get by on even less than they currently have. The thought of going backward financially on top of ending a marriage can be psychologically crippling so it’s important to approach asset division in a rational manner. Read more