Keep it Civil, Not Stupid.

Going through a divorce can be extremely difficult, especially if there are children involved and issues of custody and visitation. However, the key is to always put the children first and keep their best interests in mind. Spouses should discuss and agree on how to make it easier for their children during the process and afterwards possibly even utilizing professionals in the mental health field. In particular, jointly communicating with the children about what is going on within limits is important; both spouses should jointly sit with them and discuss why they are getting a divorce and reassure the children that they still love them and that the family is going to go through a transitional period. Read more

Do Not Play Tit For Tat, Always Have Clean Hands

Too many litigants want to play tit for tat in their divorce case, do NOT  play that game, here’s why:

In the discovery phase of pre trial litigation of a divorce or support matter, too often a client’s says: “I refuse to produce financial documents until the other side does.  Well, if the other side is saying the same thing, it will never get done.  Without discovery completed, equitable distribution of assets and debts cannot be determined.  Adjusting, awarding and or modifying child support and or spousal support cannot be considered. If you timely produce, you can then ask the court to sanction the other side if they do not produce for delaying the case.  You may even be able to have the other precluded from presenting evidence at trial.  This is a steep penalty which would heavily tilt the case to your favor. But, only if you have clean hands and timely produced all of your documents which were requested. Read more

Advice for Courtroom Success

The symbols of the American court system are the scales of justice. As such, people mistakenly believe that truth and justice are the pillars of this hallowed structure. However, I am here to tell you that truth and justice, as you understand them, only exist in superhero comic books. It does not exist in real life. One person’s justice is another person’s injustice. As for truth, there are many truths that are all true at the same time. We see things through different eyes of experience and perspective. . Read more