Support Info You Need to Know

Support Info You Need to Know

Child support laws in this state are cold and calculating (pun intended). But what most people do not realize is that the due date for child support is a due date, not a mail by date. Thus, for example, if your support payment is due on the 1st of the month and you mail it and it is not received until the 2nd of the month, it is technically a payment for the following month and that month is now in arrears. This is especially true if you pay through SCU and you mail it to them rather than being garnished by an employer. Thus, always mail your payment five (5) days or more before the due date. This applies to spousal support as well. Read more

Once you execute the agreement

In a divorce scenario, once you execute the agreement, it is more often for better or worse than the marriage vows themselves:

Too often over the years I have encountered former spouses who executed a settlement or separation agreement only in the hope of their spouse taking him or her back. So he or she gave up the farm, giving up more than 50% of the marital assets and not keeping 100% his or her separate property, and paying more in spousal and or child support than he or she is required by law. All it told your spouse was that you have no backbone, making the odds of being taken back even less. But now he or she is in an agreement he or she cannot live with or up to, this person gave up too much and is more often than not, stuck Read more

Pull the rug out fast and early!


Divorce is too often litigated on emotions that jack up legal fees beyond what is actually necessary. This is only good for the lawyers, not you or your spouse and especially not for your children. So, when a litigious lawyer who likes to bill it up has a client who feels “scorned” and wants to throw as much trash and insult your way, do not take a position of needing to defend yourself or vindicate yourself to everything. Only concentrate on the facts that apply to the law for the remedies (exclusive use and occupancy, custody, child support, spousal support, carrying charges, attorney fees, and the like) that are being sought. Read more