What is a model custodial parent?

In short, a model custodial parent always: encourages a good relationship between the children and the other parent; never bad mouths the other parent; includes the other parent in all major decisions concerning the children whether required or not; keeps the other parent informed on all issues concerning the child(ren).


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How to be a better legal consumer.

Too often, during the pendency of a divorce, with custody child support, spousal support and carrying charge issues, clients are asking me if they should pay for things their spouse is asking them to under the temporary order or stipulation.  My question to the client is always: What’s cheaper, paying for that or paying for me to go back and forth with the other lawyer?  Sometimes it is worth fighting it, sometimes its not.  It is not about right and wrong, or “justice,” its about being a good consumer, what will cost you the least in the long run.  But then, don’t you have to take a stand to end the financial bleeding? Read more