Taking Responsibility And Following Your Lawyers Advise:

Your lawyer gives you advise to protect you from your adversary and the Court.  Sometimes, you need to be protected from yourself as well.  But if you are paying your lawyer the big bucks, there is a reason for it.  You should listen to what your lawyer tells you and follow the advise.  If you are not sure if its correct, either tell your lawyer you do not want to bother him/her many times, could he/she please put it in writing to you to ensure you follow it correctly.  Then you have proof that what you did was merely follow your lawyer’s advise.  You can also seek a second and/or third opinion(s). Read more

Parental Responsibility is all about the children, not about the adult!

There is a difference between fit custodial parenting and negligent guardianship. A parent who does not make their own child’s safety primary could be guilty of parental neglect or inadequate guardianship. Not being in a pool with your child when your young child is in the pool could be one such instance. Sitting or standing out of the pool socializing with others is insufficient to notice a quiet drowning of a child. Being in the pool facing the child at all times can and will prevent this. Read more

Divorce, custody, orders of protection and social media:

When we go through a divorce, child custody proceeding, and/or a domestic violence case, we should NOT litigate it on social media. Leave all ligation to the lawyers and the courtroom. You’d be surprised how often what you post is printed out and used against people in court. Further, you alienate your own friends and family by doing so. The worst part is that even if everything you post you can prove as true, if your children, regardless of old they are, are exposed to it, you do hurt them to the core. They do not and should not be exposed to it, whether they are 5, 15 or 25. What you post today in cyberspace, can still be accessed years from now. Read more