An Agreement Is Voluntary Only…

In divorce and family law court cases (including but not limited to: child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, equitable distribution, and modifications) clients are always asking what can we do to make the other settle and agree.  The answer is simple: “nothing.” If the other side could be made to agree, we would not be in court to begin with.  If we could make them agree, it would be subject to being vacated for not being voluntary.  The only non-voluntary outcome of a court case is a judge’s decision after trial. Read more

Setting The Record Straight, Is It Material And Relevant?

So, you are in a divorce action or going through a custody or support proceeding and the other side lied or misstated the true facts.  The decision went against you.  Now you believe it was because of the untruths set forth by the other side.  You want to try to reopen it if for no other reason than to “set the record straight.”  At least you will have a moral victory of proving the lies, right? Read more