Forensics Evaluations in Custody Proceedings, Its Value & its Critics


A forensic evaluator is often used as a tool in a custody and/or visitation case or within a divorce action to help determine who would be best suited to be the custodial parent and/or how much visitation would be appropriate.  It also helps greatly in relocation cases.  The ultimate decision as to who will have custody, the schedule of visitation, and if a relocation will be permitted always lies with the judge only if the parties do not settle.  The forensic evaluator can be a social worker, a psychologist, or a psychiatrist who is specially trained for this task.  There is no standardized procedure, and I agree with the critics that there should be. Read more

Be a Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

When going through a divorce involving custody and/or visitation, someone must be the adult even if the other parent is making it very hard.  If the other parent is a control freak (usually the one with the children) let that parent think he or she is in control.  Be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Otherwise, to succumb to it and try to assert yourself will only cause the acrimony and animosity to get worse.  When this happens, it is the worst for the children.  If you love your children, do NOT let this happen, make sure the acrimony and animosity is to a minimum.  To not let the other parent set you off with their controlling ways is to porcupine it back it at him or her.  He or she intended to upset you, but by deflecting it or ignoring, it ends up upsetting that parent the most because he or she could not get to you.  When you let it get to you, you give that other parent control over you. Read more