Therapy and Child Custody Cases

In child custody cases, often the parents and or the child(ren) have a therapist. If it is individual therapy, each parent and the child(ren) should have their own therapist separate and part from each other. Last I was aware, the American Psychological Association Ethics state that it is a conflict for the same therapist to provide therapy to one of the parents and the child(ren). The Courts usually reject this and direct a separate therapist for the child(ren). The therapist only knows what one parent says and what the child says and imputes the parent’s story to the child’s condition. The other parent’s story being omitted, even if the therapist calls in the other parent for a session of two, the therapist is still slanted and biased. Too often by the time the Court puts an to it and orders a new separate therapist for the child(ren) damage may have already occurred. Read more

What You Need to Know About Child Support But Never Asked

This is important information whether you pay or receive child support. Information most lawyers do not tell you at the time the child support order was issued. Information that may help keep many of you out of court, or have better success in court.

If you receive child support, you probably get a basic child support amount paid weekly,

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Is Your Divorce Uncontested or Contested?

Too many people call me to handle their divorce asking for costs, informing me it is an uncontested divorce. Before answering any questions, I probe further. I ask if the spouse also wants the divorce. Often I am told no. Other times the person says yes, then I ask if the spouse agrees as to custody and visitation. Often I am told no. Other times the person says yes, then I ask if the spouse agrees as to division of assets and debts. Often I am told no. I think you get the picture.
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Conference Versus Hearing Versus Trial

Perspective clients for divorce and family law cases tend to confuse me by using the wrong terminology.  I have learned not to rely on the clients use of terminology and probe deeper to find out what is really meant.  So, this article will address the correct usage of the terms most often misused by clients in divorce, child custody, child visitation and support cases.
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When Should Child Support End?

Presently when parents of a child in common no longer reside together, one parent pays child support to the primary residential parent. Child support includes a basic periodic payment of money that is paid to the residential parent. In addition the nonresidential parent also contributes a set pro rata percentage of add-ons, i.e., unreimbursed uninsured medical costs, childcare, college. For information on how it is calculated go to

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