If Your Lawyer Tells You Do Not Pay It or Stop Paying It.

Too often I have taken over a divorce and or custody case to find my new client stopped paying a legal obligation, such as court ordered support or mortgage or rent payments.  When I ask why, the answer is my prior lawyer told me to stop, that I do not have to it.  I ask did your lawyer tell you this in writing? No is always the answer.  I guarantee that even if the prior lawyer said this, he or she would deny it.  Remember, the Courts expect you to try to blame the prior lawyer.  Here are a few examples I have encountered. Read more

Have You Heard Both Sides Before you Formed Your Opinion and Took Sides? It Always Takes Two.

Seems too often in breakups, including divorce and child custody disputes, we hear only person’s side of the breakup and blindly believe that person, especially the woman (I believe this is due to sexism thinking the woman is the weaker one needing greater protection).  During consultations, I tell people I can only access their case based on the facts he or she tells me that day, but as the case unfolds and proofs are had, my legal opinion/analysis may change.  In every break up, there is his story and her story, or his story and his story, or her story and her story, and then the truth that we may never know.  And just because what one person did on the surface may seem horrible, does not mean the other person was without fault.  Let’s look at a few hypothetical situations (this does not include all situations and there are always exceptions, “ifs,” “ands” and “buts”): Read more