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Mace H. Greenfield

Mace H. Greenfield is a twice divorced father who had custody of his daughter since 1991. She is now emancipated and he is so very proud of her. His favorite line is: “Been there, done that, now please listen to me.”

He has also been known by the stage name of “Mace In Your Face” since 1984, having hosted both morning radio and talk radio, as well as having made many TV and news appearances. He has been published nationally and internationally.

He formerly sat on the Boards of Directors of: Fathers Rights Association of Long Island (Executive Director); Fathers Rights Association of New York State (Corporate Secretary); Grandparents Rights Association of New York (V. P. of Public Relations); Grandparents Reaching Out (V. P. of Public Relations). He has been a member of Parents Without Partners since 1992, sat on the Board of Directors from 1993 through 1995, again in 2002 and 2003, and was Nassau chapter President in 2004, and then was a member of Suffolk.

Mr. Greenfield changed careers to become an attorney after his return to New York in 1991, after his divorce in Virginia. He sought assistance of the courts, and only found it made his problems worse, not better. The Courts and other agencies treated him poorly because he was a father and they would not listen that he had (and still has) custody. Later, the Courts went after his x-wife for things she never did. When Mr. Greenfield called the courts and other agencies, and was told to just laugh at her like others would in his shoes. They also told him that he was petty when he requested the child support order be corrected to identify him as a man and his x as the woman. Mr. Greenfield, on the suggestion and urging by the Hon. Burton S. Joseph, changed his career path, retuned to college and then attended law school.

While hosting the talk radio show, “The Unfamily Hour,” as “Mace in your Face,” in the early 90’s, his friends told him they heard Howard Stern talk about him on more than one occasion. He did not believe his friends and told them “!@#$ yourself.” Then during the second week of law school in 1994, he was outside smoking a cigarette (he has since quit) and a young lady from his class approached him and said ‘you look familiar, your voice is familiar, you’re not that guy Howard Stern talks about, the other guy on radio Mace in your Face who disses the judges, DAs, cops and lawyers with impunity, those before him had their lives destroyed?’ Struggling to keep his composure finding out his friends were not merely goofing on him as he prior thought, he tried to act cool and said: “yep, that’s me.”

Mace H. Greenfield

Mace H. Greenfield

Born in 1960, raised in N. Bellmore, graduated W.C. Mepham High School in 1978, attended SUNY at Stony Brook 1978 to 1983, and settled into Advertising Public Relations and Marketing with a full service agency. He decided to change careers and became an attorney to help others avoid the problems with the system he encountered. He again attended SUNY Stony Brook 1993 to 1994 and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. He then graduated from Touro Law School in May of 1998, passed the bar exam in 1998, and was admitted to the practice of law in January 1999. Mace H. Greenfield opened his own office on September 4, 2002.