Areas of Practice

Mace H. Greenfield is a Long Island Divorce lawyer and Family Law Attorney handling all cases involving: divorce litigation, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, fathers’ rights, equitable distribution (division of marital assets), orders of protection, contempt of court, enforcement, modification of support, post judgment actions, grandparent custody, grandparent visitation, prenuptial agreements (prenup agreements),post nuptial agreements (post nup agreements), separation agreements...

Appearing in both Supreme Court and Family Court throughout Long Island in Nassau County, Suffolk County and Queens County.

Hiring a Lawyer

Child Custody

Emotions may have brought the two of you into divorce or family court, but the emotions must be checked at the door. The case must proceed based on a combination of facts and law.

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Child Support

The law is the law, cold and cruel without much basis in reality. In most cases, it calculates to what it calculates. In some cases, it is on a case by case basis, as to deviating from the guidelines.

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Turn over copies of as many documents as possible before the other side even asks for it, with the statement of net worth, bound to the statement of net worth, and get the case closer to the end at the very beginning.

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If your lawyer starts out trying to negotiate a settlement for you without filing in court, great! But if it is taking too long, file in court so that you have some controls applied by
the court.

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Equitable Distribution

If it was obtained during the marriage with funds earned during the marriage, it is marital property, and will probably be divided equally, regardless of who names it is in.

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Father's Rights

Fathers’ Rights, for me, is a matter of treating all cases the same, regardless of gender. Father’s Rights is not prejudging a case based on gender, it is applying the law to the facts of each and every case regardless of gender.

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New York has six grounds for divorce. These are cruel and inhuman treatment, abandonment for one or more years, imprisonment for three or more years, adultery, one year of living apart under a separation judgment granted...

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Law Guardians

Just What Do They Do, & Why? Law Guardians are a very misunderstood breed, especially by law guardians themselves, and even sometimes by judges, not to mention other lawyers and litigants.

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New Law for divorces filed on or after October 12, 2010. A new formula to determine if and how much temporary spousal maintenance will be awarded until the judgment of divorce is granted.

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Orders of Protection

When the relationship is going downhill fast: Protect yourself and never yell or curse. Always act as though there is a video camera watching and recorder recording.

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If you love your children, if you want them to grow up healthier and stronger, and you want to reduce the conflict between you and the other parent, buy & read, “Smart Parenting During and After Divorce” by Peter J. Favaro, Ph.D.

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Visitation it really parenting time, no matter what it is called. If you and the other parent were still together, you would be supervising the child, driving him or her places, and providing funds. It is no different now. Be a parent, not a visitor!

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