Divorces are for parents, not children

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When it comes to dealing with couples in the midst of divorcing, undoubtedly the most difficult issue to contend with involves children. No matter how difficult dissolving a marriage is for adults, this transition that much harder for the kids, even under the most non-contentious circumstances. Read more

16 Things I’ve Learned in 16 Years of Practice


Anniversaries take on new meanings when you are a divorce lawyer. To me, one of the proudest accomplishments in my career was going back to school to obtain my bachelors degree and then my law degree while raising my daughter as a sole custodial parent and earning a living all at the same time. I became a licensed attorney on January 27, 1999. 

Since then, and before on my radio show, I have counseled thousands of people through some of the most perilous and emotionally trying times of their lives, helping them to move forward toward freedom from unsatisfying marital binds, and at times how to turn things around and make it work without divorce. Read more

Bankruptcy and Divorce


Although the economy is showing signs of recovery, chances are you’ve experienced some degree of hardship in the last few years – especially if you have gone through or are going through – a divorce. Very few come through the divorce process economically unscathed, so rest assured that you’re in good company. But if the comfort of being among others in financial distress doesn’t help (and why would it, really?), I’ve put together some practical information about bankruptcy during divorce that you could use as a guide. Read more

A New Year and a Fresh Start


There is a popular adage that January has the highest rate of divorce filings. There is likely some truth to this, though I’m not confident the statistics necessarily demonstrate this reality. Anecdotally, there have been years in my practice where this certainly appears to be the case. I’m not confident that this is particular to divorce, mind you; as I believe many things – both business and personal – tend to be put off until the holiday season is over. Therefore, it’s important not to blow this out of proportion. Read more

Dividing Assets in a New York Divorce

When dividing assets in a New York divorce, it is important to remember that “Equitable” distribution doesn’t necessarily mean “equal” distribution.

One of the principal fears my clients have at the start of a divorce is losing half of his or her assets. Because financial issues can be a driver of marital stress it seems almost unfathomable to people that they might have to get by on even less than they currently have. The thought of going backward financially on top of ending a marriage can be psychologically crippling so it’s important to approach asset division in a rational manner. Read more