16 Things I’ve Learned in 16 Years of Practice


Anniversaries take on new meanings when you are a divorce lawyer. To me, one of the proudest accomplishments in my career was going back to school to obtain my bachelors degree and then my law degree while raising my daughter as a sole custodial parent and earning a living all at the same time. I became a licensed attorney on January 27, 1999. 

Since then, and before on my radio show, I have counseled thousands of people through some of the most perilous and emotionally trying times of their lives, helping them to move forward toward freedom from unsatisfying marital binds, and at times how to turn things around and make it work without divorce. Read more



by Steven Cuadrado

In the Middle East, we witness a region in turmoil as nations fight over an inheritance promised to them by their father Abraham. The Bible translates the meaning of the name Abraham as “the father of many nations.” Throughout ancient times, fathers were exalted, as their images were perceived to be that of a moral overseer, breadwinner, sex role model, and nurturer. We see evidence of this in literature and even movies, as children refer to their fathers with respectful alternates such as “master”, “lord”, and the most common, “sir”. Expressions such as “Our Founding Fathers” are heard when studying United States history and a recently released movie in theaters; “Flags of Our Fathers” are used to recognize where our civilization comes from. For those old enough to remember, at one time it was customary at the beginning of the school day to recite a prayer which began with “Our Father, who art in heaven…” One can make the case that these were the last days that American society embraced the word. Read more