Gender Bias Kills Child?


By: Mace H. Greenfield

In or about September 2003, I read about a Long Island Father, Brian Ramirez, suing the Nassau County Child Protective Services (CPS) for failing to protect his daughter. One year after his ex-wife ran off with their daughter, Mr. Ramirez reported to CPS the whereabouts of his missing ex-wife, that she smoked marijuana, that she suffered from mental illness, and was a danger to their child. He also went to Family Court seeking assistance. CPS investigated Mr. Ramirez instead for allegedly disappearing (he is a conductor with the LIRR), and the Family Court gave him a Court date two months off in the future. The night before the Court date, the mother murdered their daughter and then committed suicide. In the article, Mr. Ramirez said that: “he was the victim of gender discrimination – because he is a man and the system favors women.” Read more

Gender Bias Continues


by: Mace H. Greenfield

I am truly sick of the continued gender bias in the Courts of this State. When I was awarded sole custody of my daughter over 11 years ago (she was 3 years old then) in the State of Virginia, the Judge said to me: “Hey, Mr. New Yorker, if you were back in New York, you would have lost.” I later moved back to New York with my daughter, became a lawyer, and found out his words are true. Read more

Gender Bias Persists In Courts


by: Mace H. Greenfield

The August 2002 article in Newsday, “Gender Bias Found to Persist in Courts,” by Robin Topping, was interesting, but misleading. Gender bias does persist in the Courts, but not against women, against men. The studies are based on interviews of women and women advocates, who have self-serving agendas. The Courts always immediately order a man to pay child support when the woman has the child(ren), but usually delays in ordering a woman to pay child support if the man has custody, and often pressures the man to waive child support regardless of how much money the woman earns. Read more