Holidays Are For The Children

It’s the most wonderful time of year, unless you are going through a divorce and or a child custody litigation. Too often parents take every opportunity to “stick it to” the other parent. But the holidays are all about the children. Make sure your children spend quality time with the other parent as agreed and scheduled and that your children believe that you hope they have a good time with the other parent. Make sure your children have nice gifts and a loving card for the other parent, and other grandparents. This is for your children, not your ex or soon to be ex and in laws. Read more

Are You The Moneyed Spouse? How to Save Legal Fees in a Divorce.

In a divorce, the new laws require the court to calculate spousal support and child support and to direct the moneyed spouse to pay the legal fees (all or part) for the non-moneyed spouse. So, if you earn for example you earn $300,000.00 per year and your spouse earns $50,000.00 per year, a court will direct you to pay spousal support and legal fees in addition to child support if there are children. So, if you leave the marital residence, do not wait for a judge to order you to pay. Find out from a lawyer what a court would order you to pay, and pay 95% to 100% of that amount voluntarily. And if your spouse retains an attorney, voluntarily send him or her check for legal fees, a reasonable amount, not too low or high. Read more

Yup, Divorce Sucks, Deal With It

Maybe you did not ask or want to get divorced, but you’re in court now for divorce and custody, as well as all the other issues, including but not limited to: equitable distribution of assets and debts; and spousal and/or child support. You want to drag it out to keep the family under one roof until your youngest graduates high school. You remember stories of your friends who went it through it and it dragged out for over four years. Not anymore due to the new laws and rules. But how are you going to afford to live without your spouse’s income added to yours and having to deduct support payments? Don’t ask me, but there are those who find a way with less than you earn. Yes, they do pay less in support, and have even less left over. Read more

Do Not Vent About Your Case in Social Media!

I too often see people venting about their divorce, child custody cases, support case, domestic violence case, and other cases, on social media. If I can see your posting this, others can see it too. Thus, all your whining and complaining about the judge and anyone else will probably get back to them and may be used against you directly or indirectly.

All your whining and complaining about the judge will probably get back to him or her. All your whining and complaining about the attorney for the child(ren) will probably get back to him or her. All your whining and complaining about your lawyer will probably get back to him or her. All your repeating of things your cbild(ren) have said to you, will eventually get back to them, and it will get back to the court. Read more