Fathers’ Rights

Mace H. Greenfield is a New York State, Long Island, Nassau Suffolk and Queens Father’s Rights Lawyer.. Some Lawyers advertise and market Fathers’ Rights, I lived it.

My daughter & I on a Parents Without Partner's weekend away in or about 1993.

My daughter & I on a Parents Without Partner’s weekend away in or about 1993.

She is now in her late twenties, a college graduate, and working full time as a professional in NYC. I am so very proud of her.

Fathers’ Rights:

  Fathers’ Rights, for me, is a matter of treating all cases the same, regardless of gender. Father’s Rights is not prejudging a case based on gender, it is applying the law to the facts of each and every case regardless of gender. In other words, it is a striving for equal rights within the courts. Mace H. Greenfield is a twice divorced father who had custody of his daughter since 1991. She is now emancipated. His favorite line is: “Been there, done that, now please listen to me…” He formerly sat on the Boards of Directors of: Fathers’ Rights Association of Long Island, Inc. (Executive Director); Fathers’ Rights Association of New York State, Inc. (Corporate Secretary) and is presently a life member of Fathers’ Rights Association of New York State, Inc. Mr. Greenfield changed careers to become an attorney after his return to New York in 1991, after his divorce in Virginia. He sought assistance of the courts, and only found it made his problems worse, not better. The Courts and other agencies treated him poorly because he was a father and they would not listen that he had custody. Later, the Courts went after his x-wife for things she never did. When Mr. Greenfield called the courts and other agencies for help, he was told to just laugh at her as would others in his shoes. They also told him that he was petty when he requested the child support order be corrected to identify him as a man and his x as the woman. Mr. Greenfield, on the suggestion and urging by the Hon. Burton S. Joseph, changed his career path, retuned to college and then attended law school, hoping to make a difference and help make things right.