Penney Wise and Dollar Foolish!

Mace Greenfield Your lawyer

I have been seeing too many divorces wherein a spouse used a lawyer who was a relative (who never handled a divorce before) and paid nearly nothing for it.  The case may have settled as the now ex-spouse wanted fro very little cost, but the settlement agreement lacked the provisions and terms that could have protected that’s spouse against being brought back into court now.  But now that he or she is back in court, to save money once again, that person went to other relatives who are lawyers (and do not handle divorces) and the right things were NOT done in that person’s defense, who should have mounted an offense as well as provided better documentation in their defense.  

So, what happened? A court decision that went against that’s person without any of the offsets that should have been properly applied.  Now it can only be played it out in line with the decision, then go back in and do separately what should have been done in the first place. But the mistakes were made, and the damage was done, and that cannot be undone.  Hiring the right professional could have avoided such bad and costly results.