Things You Should Not Do When Going Through a Divorce

Mace Greenfield Client/Litigant/Pro Se Information

When in the middle of a divorce, you do not want to give the other side any ammo against you or anything that will prove them right about you in a negative way. You want to show the Court that you are responsible, patient and reasonable person, especially if children are involved. So, make sure you do not: get arrested for a DWI; get arrested for drugs; have a child with someone else; get arrested for violence; do anything illegal. It is surprising how many people do these things in the midst of a divorce and or child custody case, and the excuses they have. No Judge cares about your excuses, and neither does anyone else, even if your mom makes believe she cares to make you feel better.

The best way to ensure you do not get arrested for a DWI, is to not drive drunk. If you have custody, you may lose custody immediately. You may end up with supervised visitation, or an order that someone other than you must drive for your visitations. It may be difficult to find someone to drive for you on a regular basis. Alcohol tests today, depending on which one you are given, can back as far as fifty days.

The best way to ensure you do not get arrested for drugs, is to not do any. Even if you do not get arrested for drugs, you could be ordered in court to take a drug test. A hair test can go back for months, and a segmented hair follicle test can back for two years. If you are found to have drugs in your system, you may lose custody immediately, and/or you may be relegated to supervised visitation.

Any arrest for violence can make a court worry your about your child’s safety while with you.

Having another baby in the midst of a divorce before it is over, may tell the court that you do not care as much as you want them to think you do about your present child(ren) and or the case itself, because you have already moved on. Moreover, the cost of new child, on top of your legal fees and support you may be ordered to pay can be overwhelming.

What types of excuses have I heard? Good question. But my old college friends were in for the weekend and it was just a little bit. But I was so upset about what has been going on in my life with the divorce, etc. But my soon to be ex-spouse used to do it with me. And many more.

Be smart, play it cool until your case is over. But, if you get arrested afterwards, it can still come back to bite you as the other parent can bring you back to court to limit your visitation or change custody.