Warning! Danger! Danger! And its NOT Dr. Smith Approaching

Mace Greenfield Domestic Violence - Orders of Protection

There is a loophole to Stay Away Orders of Protection that is very dangerous when it removed someone from your household and you changed the locks. That person still has a driver’s license with the same address on it. What’s the big deal? Well, that person need only go to the home he or she was removed from and call a locksmith, show the ID and claim he or she lost their key. Presto, that person in the home, and has a new key.

The person can steal your important documents to be used as evidence in court, especially if there is a divorce involved. The person can plant drugs and call the cops on you if custody is involved. The person can hide until you are home.

How to protect yourself? Get an alarm system installed in your home. Get cameras facing each door on the inside and on the outside facing driveway, road and any other vital spots. Make sure you get cell phone alerts when an indoor camera is activated to look and see who entered the home and call the police if necessary.

Alert all of your neighbors to call the police if the excluded person comes to the home and you are not home, and to alert you if you are. If necessary, tape the order of protection to the inside of the glass doors facing out so any locksmith who may be called to the home is alerted. There are national locksmith services with local numbers who send subcontractors, so to try to notify all the local locksmiths is impossible.