Why Gay Marriage?

Mace Greenfield Marriage

Years ago, the big reason for gay marriage was health insurance, but today, you can obtain insurance for a live in partner through your employer. Today, many people wonder why heterosexuals want to get married. What reasons exist now for this new surge for gay marriage? Inheritance rights? You can write a will and leave anything and everything you have to anyone you wish. Survivor benefits of apartments, homes, bank accounts? You can put anyone’s name on your lease or deed or bank account along with your own to protect someone in case of your demise. Social security rights? You need to stay married for at least ten years. Tax breaks? Only for years you remain married.

The tax savings for the years you remain married are a lot less than the cost of the divorce. The tax breaks on inheritance will only be seen by the few who stay married and do not divorce. If the marriage does not last ten years, no social security rights.

Did anyone mention divorce yet, Family Court Orders of Protection and/or spousal support. I’ll bet that within ten years of the legalization of gay marriage, the divorce surge will double the number of divorce judges, double the number of Family Court judges, increase the need for Court officers and other court employees, as well as create a need for bigger courthouses. The tax burden will be even more ridiculous than it is now. But wait, the need for divorce and family law attorneys will also double. Could divorce and family law attorneys be behind this push for gay marriage? It is the only thing that truly makes sense.

Maybe all marriages should be reformed to be contract marriages that outline how each marriage will work, and if it does not work, how it will break up, which should take the need for lawyers and courts out of most of divorces.