You Need To Hire An Attorney That Will Also Protect You From You

Mace Greenfield Your lawyer

In divorce, custody, and order of protection cases, emotions run high. Bitterness can cause a desire to punish or pay back your spouse. Your demeanor and motivation can impact your case in a way no attorney can save you from, if you are not properly advised from the start by your attorney. Of course you want an attorney to protect you from your spouse, your spouse’s attorney, and the from the judge. But if you piss off and annoy the judge, no attorney can protect you. This is where you need to be protected from yourself.

Most attorneys seem to prefer clients who are emotionally motivated. This increases the length of the case, and the hours billed. Easy money to be made is to sit back and let you vent and go along with you do “get” the other one. But this is the wrong way to go. The harder you try to destroy your spouse, the worse you destroy yourself, and the more money it costs you.

You want a lawyer who will help you to present yourself to the judge such that you are in complete control of yourself and willing to do the right thing. You want to ensure that your spouse’s lawyer cannot shake or rattle you. You are best off to spending less on legal fees addressing emotional issues the court does not address and learning to understand the facts that the law can address, whether or not you agree with the law, because the law is what the law is.

You need an attorney who is not afraid that you will give another lawyer your money, and will tell you what you need to know, how to talk, how to act, and when to shut up! Image and presentation comes before facts and reality. Your facts and reality will not be seen or addressed if your image and presentation is not right and or you annoy or piss off the judge. Don’t make your spouse’s case easier by causing the judge to think you a everything your spouse claims based on your behavior and presentation in your litigation.